How much do you need to eat individual food?

Following table lists how much of the individual food you need to eat to obtain the necessary amount* of essential amino acids.

* Daily amounts WHO recommended currently in use for essential amino acids in adult humans (70kg/154lbs).

  Amount You NeedProtein Quality
FoodsAmount Weight
Protein Content
Amino Acid Score
(/100 FS)
essential square4 Scoops 12 40 100.0 100
Rice, white, short-grain, cooked21 cup 4,1585,1382.171
Bread, white, commercially prepared72 slices 1,9504,8886.053
Rice, white, short-grain, raw7 cup 1,3434,5656.571
Spaghetti, dry36 oz 1,0603,72513.045
Spaghetti, cooked17 cup 2,4173,6065.745
Potato, baked, flesh and skin9 ea 2,6962,3752.3100
BURGER KING, Hamburger5 ea 6421,61114.069
Milk, whole, 3.25% milkfat9 cup 2,1451,3003.485
Egg, whole, cooked, fried10 ea 47788713.0100
Egg, whole, raw, fresh10 ea 48465712.8100
Ground sirloin, 10% fat, raw3.5 srv. 31861424.779
Beef, top sirloin, 1/8" fat, raw10.2 oz 30138821.994
Egg, white, raw, fresh2.2 cup 57926410.7100