Skin and Anti-Aging

Replenish free form Amino Acid to effectively and rapidly absorb into the body and synthesize Collagen. Collagen itself is not easily digested or metabolized in the body.

Collagen has the major role of slowing skin aging process. It promotes skin cell turnover and maintains younger skin and healthier hair.

Suggested use for adult(165lbs)


Timing Morning
Before breakfast
Between the meals
On empty stomach
Before sleep*
Nutrition amino jointcare3 amino jointcare3 EAA
essential square
Amount 2 capsules (1,000mg) 2 capsules (1,000mg) each 1 to 2 Scoop
(3,200~6,400 mg)


*Ideally on or before 10:00 pm according to the circadian rhythm. Prime time for skin rejuvenation is between 10:00 pm and 2:00 am.