Pro Keirin/ Track

  • Kazunari Watanabe
  • DOB : 8/12/1983
  • 2013 UCI Track World Cup Keirin Silver medal
  • 2012 Asia Track Championships Sprint Gold medal
  • 2012 London Olympic Track Cycling
I take essential2 right after my training. Amount is depending on the training volume and strength. I take 3 scoops after my normal training of 90 to 120 minutes. As the strength increases, I take 1 more scoop and another scoop every 30 minutes of training length. I take essential2 with carbohydrate supplement.
I also take 2 scoops before sleep at night on my training day.
On my off day, I take 2 scoops right after I wake up in the morning and 2 scoops before going to bed.
I take 4 tablets of performance3 before my training.

I definitely feel the difference in degree of fatigue when I take and when I do not.

My goal;
I got Silver Medal in World Cup Keirin. I still have not won Gold Medal either in World Cup or World Championship.
My current goal is to win both. Then my next goal would be win at Olympic in Rio de Janeiro.
  • Tomoyuki Kawabata
  • DOB: 2/7/1985
  • 2012 UCI Track World Cup Keirin Silver medal
Since I start taking essential2 and performance3, my condition becomes extremely well and I have broken my own record. I clearly come to feel my performance has improved especially towards to the latter half of a race.
I take 4 to 5 tablets of performance3prior to my training and keep taking every one hour.
I take essential2 for 1 to 2 scoops every hour of during my training, 3 to 4 scoops right after training, and 2 scoops before going to bed.
  • Takashi Sakamoto
  • DOB: 2/16/1989
  • 2012 UCI Track World Cup Keirin Silver medal
When I took performance3 chewable for the first time, I felt my body became lighter than usual and easier to perform better. Also during a race day, I noticed I did not feel hunger unlike the previous race days and was able to focus on the race. It is also very easy to take because it can be taken with or without drink.

I take 1 to 2 scoops of essential2 right after my training.
I do not feel much fatigue on next day when I take essential2. Also because I do not have to think about other supplement, I can focus on my training without doubt.

Corporate Team / Road Cycling

  • Keita Iwashima
  • DOB : 2/19/1979
  • Team : Narushima Friend
  • 2012 won Japan Cup Open
  • 2011 Japan Pro Tour 11th place
  • 2010 won Tour de Okinawa, Citizen Road Race 210km
I started using essential2 and performance3 in the middle of 2010 season. I started gradually but definitely noticing the excellent effect of GNLab's products.
When athletes develop their skills and grow, I believe it is a crucial condition to have well balanced training, nutrition and rest. Unfortunately, sufficient nutrition cannot be taken only by meal. Especially business man like myself, it is hard to always pay attention to what I eat. I can control and make plans for training and resting without any trouble. When comes down to nutrition, essential2 is the simple solution to fulfill my nutrition which is usually difficult to know what exactly is needed.
take essential2 right after my training and before going to bed and I know I am filled with necessary nutrition. Also I am very grateful to be able to use calculation program on the GNLab's website "How much do I need" to determine the necessary amount of essential amino acid based on my physique and strength of my training. Since I started taking essential2, my accumulated fatigue caused by daily hard training has undoubtedly reduced.

I always take performance3 on race days. It reduces the leg cramps and I feel my legs are still fresh even in the later stage of the race. Even on my hard training days, I can focus and push myself on heavy load training.

Pro Marathon Runner

  • Arata Fujiwara
  • DOB : DOB: 9/12/1981
  • Team : Miki House
  • 2012 Tokyo Marathon Silver Medal (1st place among Japanese runners)
  • 2012 London Olympic
GNLab's products are truly reliable nutritional supplement. The amount of necessary ingredients are well calculated. They are easy to adopt into my diet and very affordable. I believe they are the best partners for athletes.